London Fetish Magazine by XDPublications

It’s good to see that people are still using fetish magazines to contact a Mistress. I do miss this and even though I’ve never been one to pay much
attention to advertising myself I do miss the good old days of advertising. But now thanks to the internet there are so many ways and options for us and I don’t know whether if this is a good thing or not.
The good thing about it is that the magazine can last for ever, a real collectors item Bahahahha..and now that this NWO is coming to a town near you!…where citizens of the world are getting micro chipped, no need to carry wallets or your keys because all they need is your finger print. So it’s the digital era, less books are printed, magazine businesses going out of business, what’s this world coming too? Well I can tell you now, It’s Not All Bloody Good….Oh cheer up, it may be the end of the world but you can always call up on your Favourite Mistress….I’m sure she’ll sort you out.

You can view all their Top shelf magazines, contact magazines, hardcore porn mags and fetish publications for those who like things just that little bit more kinky…XD Publications


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