Choosing the next Colour

So here I am still packing Fluffy into boxes.I didn’t realize how much stuff she had, but I guess that’s all part of growing up…you start to buy more things,  you collect little cute items,  you even decide that the colour pink isn’t so bad and it actually suits you.. Today has been a little emotional but in a good way. I was thinking back when I was living in London and I first started The Fluffy Boudoir in 2011 I never really imagined that it would take me on a very wonderful and amazing journey. I have met so many beautiful people and I’ve had such a great time, so much fun and of course there were many moments where I just wanted to pack it all in and hide.
But I can honestly say that I’ve had so much support not only from my personal friends but also from the visitors who have come to see me as well as strangers from all over the world who email me or follow me on my social networks. That’s one good thing about the Internet I guess.
Anyway, today I felt like getting my hands dirty, I just couldn’t help myself. I now have to decide on the next colour for the walls so I made my own little colour chart and I think this has helped me to decide on the next colour.

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