Latest Update on the New Premesis

Okay so here I am in sunny Australia. I have met some wonderful people and I just cannot keep up with all the invitations. So I  am sorry if you haven’t heard from me as to be honest I am here on holidays and  not to work my ass off. I am making the most of it as I am only here till the end of January.
I will not be taking on any more bookings. I do apologize to those who have been wanting to see me but like I said this is my holiday and I honesty didn’t think that I would get so busy with bookings.
I have also received some sad news from Brighton and unfortunately  it is out of my control.
yes it is regarding my new premises for the Fluffy Boudoir….I don’t really want to go into it right now as it is really upsetting for me…but hey , its not the end of the world..things happen for a reason and I know its for the best.
I am really looking forward to coming back to the UK as there are so many new faces to meet…how exciting.
Okay so the pool side is calling me and the cocktails are ready.
I will stay in touch with you real soon, but in the mean time….be good

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