Club DARK BRIGHTON Valentines 2015


Is it that time already? Yes I’m talking about the day  they call ”Valentines Day”……Well, screw the roses and send me the thorns…..Hmm, now where have I heard that before? …..Well forget about romantic candle lit dinners, don’t even bother with the bottle of red wine and flowers…..and please don’t waste your money on chocolates and big love heart balloons…..No No No NO!…….I want to smell the scent of leather, I want to feel the shine of latex, I want to see red bottoms and listen to screaming little submissives begging for more…….

Did this sound like You?…Would you like to see and hear More? Well you can…..Come and visit me, get the chance to meet me in person, and if you’re lucky my twin sister DOMINA V might even choose you as her play thing or play toy. I’m told she is a very naughty lady.

I will be at Club DARK Brighton this Saturday night for Valentines day.
This is a members only event and membership is free.
If you would like to come along just send your  membership request to 

Please check out the FACE BOOK  and FETLIFE profiles for more information.

Hope to see you there.
V x

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