Asperges charity night at Goddamn Media May 2015

last Friday I paid a little visit to Goddamn Media in Brighton. The person responsible for owning it and making it work as a local independent film company, community Arts Venue and Radio Station is the one and only Pasha Du Valentine Countess of Brighton and Hackney, yes you heard right. On the night we spoke about her charity event. Here’s a few still shots from the video.
Goddamn Media is committed to building archives about the world we live in from a creative perspective.

”We are not interested in agendas that revolve around money making, corruptive interests or similar dubious practices”

Goddamn Media also produce photographic images and films. Films can be seen on YouTube and other similar streaming sites. 

”We already have a massive photographic database……mostly unedited capturing ordinariness that makes life more interesting than the highly polished, post edited ‘truth’ that we are confronted with daily”.

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