Last post for July 2016

Gday dear readers.
Let’s see what can I tell you all today?
Well I’m still here in Sydney and its been an interesting and funny journey, that’s for sure. These past couple of days the weather has been awesome reaching 25 degrees though as always the rain soon follows like it is today. But that’s okay I’m use to the rain from my UK days.
I’ve been keeping myself busy (as always) with updating The Fluffy Boudoir website as well as my other two sites that I have. There’s always something to do, it’s never ending but I’m not complaining.
At the moment I’m working on new projects and new ideas that I’ve been meaning to start, I’m getting there slowly.
On my last blog post I mentioned that I was heading off to Queensland and now I find myself heading up North again and I’m so excited.
This will be my first official touring of Oz and I cannot wait. I will leave Sydney on August 1st and I plan to stay for 2 weeks but I’m hoping I’m able to stay a lot longer as I’ve had so many people that are wanting to meet me for sessions, so I’m really happy about that.
So if you’re reading this and you live in Queensland then now is your chance to book a date with me. I’m pretty much open to any suggestions whether you want a session or for those who are new to the scene and would like to meet me then I’m happy to see you for coffee /lunch/dinner or any fetish event that you would like to attend but to scare to go on your own, and naturally you will pay for my time.
See you all real soon

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