Blog Post February 2018

Gday beautiful people.

I hope you are doing well where ever you are in this big wide world. So things are starting to get a little crazy…yep just a little and I’m trying really hard to catch up with everything. Apparently, My new Clips and Pics website is finished, and all it needs is for me to start uploading content…Oh My this is a big job and it’s going to take me a while but I’m determined to get it done ASAP.

So this past couple of days that I’ve had off from the dungeon I’ve been sitting in front of the computer and I’ve been adding all my old YouTube clips to My new YouTube channel. There are loads of clips still to upload and I’ll throw in a couple of new ones and yes I know, all the clips I’m currently uploading to My new YouTube channel are old, but that’s okay, there are plenty of people who have not seen any of my content and I know you love all my old stuff. Thank you to all my followers and fans for supporting me and for staying in touch with me. I can’t wait to start showing new all My new content, but for now, you’ll just have to wait.

So if you haven’t done so already, please follow My New YouTube channel HERE
Well, that’s all for now…

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