Blog post March 2020

Gday gday gday, This is Dominatrix V. Firstly I want to apologize to ALL My subscribers as I know you have been getting a whole heap of old blog posts sent to your inbox. This is because since we imported the old blog to the official website there were a lot of posts that were uncatergorized. So, Ive just been going through them and updating them which is why you’ve been recieving the posts in your inbox, so please bare with me as I am almost done here, I promise.

Happy Mardi Gras everybody, Did you go to the parade? I was invited to see the parade from an apartment over looking Oxford street but I changed My mind in going as I don’t like crowds and getting home would have been a nightmare. I did watch some of it on live stream but it wasnt holding My attention so early to bed I went ready for a day of sessions and editing.

So, what have I been up to since moving back to Sydney I hear you ask, well I have been busy sorting out the layout of My new space. I’m pretty sure I’ve moved everything around like 100 times already and in between all this I have been seeing clients which has helped me in deciding how I want My space to be. I know it will take time before I am happy with it all, I guess I can be a little impatient.

Well, this is just a short blog post.

Till next time

be good

Domina V

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