Domina V Blog post – May 2020

Allllrighty, here we are again folks, it’s the first day of May and we’ve been stuck indoors for the past couple of months. How are you holding up? Have you gone mental yet?


Well, I’ve been keeping Myself very busy and I have been making the most of this isolation period with editing My clips and uploading them to My Clips 4 sale store and to My Cocoscope channel. Have you bought any clips yet? Have you subscribed to My channel yet? No!!! and why not? You should be supporting Me during this time? Ok, ok, So you’re not working either right? Ok, I’ll forgive you.

So, if youre a huge fan of My clips you will see that I have uploaded a lot of clips, well I have been busy like I said, I have been making the most of this quiet period as I really want to get all My older clips uploaded before I start shooting new content and I’m really eager to get that started.

Why am I still uploading old content I hear you ask? Well, a few months ago I was speaking with someone who gave Me; what I thought was good advice, where to sell My clips. He told Me to get off Clips4sale and other platforms and to get on to Porn Hub…..Well that was a huge mistake. Firstly I hate that site, I have been avoiding it like the plaque. I really didn’t want My content on there, though In the past I have spotted My clips on other people’s profiles because people keep stealing them….the fuckers, go and make your own clips you lazy piece of shit. Sorry but it’s really annoying when people do that.

So I gave Porn hub a go and I think I only lasted 3 months. So, I’m back on Clips 4 sale and to be honest, I should’ve never have left, though one clip site that I am glad I’m no longer on is Only Fans, Anyway, I don’t want to talk about them as I would much rather talk about positive things.

While going through My older clips I came across a video that I’ve been meaning to edit for a long time and this one was of Me and My girlfriend (RIP) Mistress Dometria. It was our last session together back in November 2015 before I went back to Australia after living in the UK for 8 years. On this day I had My Sissy Maid Chloe and Dometria had her rubber gimp. Dometria had her usual camera man and Me, well I had My camera aswell and as usual I leave it on and let it roll. So, on this day we all wore rubber and everyone looked super sexy, it was hands all over the place as we all took turns in rubbing latex shine on each other. It was also a very emotional day because it was our last session together and I didn’t know if or when I would return.

I didn’t end up editing and uploading My footage from My camera because Dometria had already giving Me a copy of what her camera man shot, but when I went back to My footage (4.5 years later) I realised that there was a lot of content that obviously her camera man didn’t have because I kept My camera rolling, so you can see all the parts where we were having a break and getting things ready and you can hear us in the background just laughing and having a good time.

So I decided to start editing My version of our session as there were some really fun bits that I thought were good enough to share. Then I came across one scene where we had just stopped filming and we were taking a break and I left the room to get something and Dometria was in the dungeon with her camera man talking away, then she spots My camera in the corner and walks over to it and starts talking to it. She had left me a message, when I saw this I just started balling My eyes out. I had to watch it over and over again because she was talking to Me to My camera. I wished that I saw this ages ago, but like I said I already had a copy of our session so I didn’t think twice to edit My version.

Anyway, the message she left Me was so beautiful and the way she did it; after I left the room knowing that I wouldn’t see it until I got back to Australia, is really special to Me. So, this all happened at the beginning of when we all had to stay home in isolation and you know what, I am a big believer that things happen for a reason and I was meant to see that message at the right time and it did feel right to Me. I won’t tell you what message she gave Me, at first I thought shit! I can’t share that, I have to edit that bit out, but I know that she wouldn’t want me to do that, so I left it and it’s there for all to see.

There are five clips in total from this session, if youre curious and you would like to see it then here is the link:


So, I know a lot of you are sitting on the couch bored, youre probably watching TV or you’ve been on Netflix all this time. I wish I had that time to spare, sitting watching movies all day, how lucky are you… Well one thing that I have had time to do is sort our all My books. They have been in storage for so long and they are finally out and on book cases YAY!!!! I’ve also been making some time to read a book and I have already finished reading it. I’m now reading a new book that was sent to Me but is not out to the public just yet. I’ve also had time to update My GOODREADS profile. Do you like to read? if so what are your favourite books?

Haircut time

Okay so what else have I been up to you want to know right?, Well I’ve finally had the time to cut My hair, It was way over due. It was down to My waist and I was trying to grow My fringe which I managed to put up with until I could no longer handle it on my face so it’s back to My usual short fringe and My hair is now just past My sholders and it feels so much healthier.


I’ve always had a fascination with numbers and I don’t mean as in maths equations. At school I was never good at maths, though I was always intrigued with numbers even back then. These days I’m well aware of the numbers around Me and for the past 12 months I have noticed the repetition of certain numbers like 111, 222, 333, 444, 555. These all have a meaning, believe it or not. Let me show you My screen shots from My mobile phone. I took all these screen shots at the time when I picked up my phone for some reason and noticed the repetition in numbers.

Meanings of these numbers:

111 = A wake up call, pay attention

222 = Relationships and partnerships

333 = Balance

444 = Home and family

555 = Change

Stay at Home Challenge

Well, that’s about all for now. I will finish off by sharing the Sydney Dommes Stay at Home Challenge video.

If video doesn’t work you can view it on My face Book page HERE

Stay at homechallenge with the Sydney Dommes

Thanks for reading.

Koulla aka Mistress Dometria Crowd Funding

Gday dear fans and followers

Well its my last day here in Australia. I fly out today and will be heading to the UK, Hove Actually. I just wanted to quickly mention something that is really important to me and I hope that you can help and support me on this. If you don’t already know, My best friend Mistress Dometria passed away suddenly 2 weeks ago.. Im still lost for words and to be honest I don’t think it has really hit me yet. There has been so much love and support from people from all over the world. She will be greatly missed and never forgotten.

The funeral takes place at the end of this month and her family have set up a crowd funding to help with cost towards the funeral, Wake, and headstone. If you are a fan, follower and admirer of Mistress Dometria I ask you if you would kindly donate, but I’m also asking those of you who love and support little old me to help her family raise funds. I love her very much and I would do anything to help her family.



Thank you
Be good
Dominatrix V

RIP My beautiful Girl.

Dear followers and new readers
I just had to share this with you. I am crying as I wrote this to you. I don’t know if i can make any sense but I will try My best.
Ive receive the worst news of my life. My best friend from Brighton UK Mistress Dometria has passed away.
I have never experience a death in the family. I cant stop crying, I cant breath,My head hurts and I just want to punch the walls. I’m sorry. I just needed to write to you.
My most heartfelt condolences goes out to her beautiful family. She loved them sooooooo much.

Koulla. I will miss you for ever. My best friend, my baby girl, My soul sister.

RIP baby girl. you have been My inspiration My strength .. I love you so much… I miss you so.

Figging and Cold Caning

This morning I made it to the gym and back home in time before the weather decided to change dramatically. My session almost didn’t happen due to the weather but it soon cleared up and I was very happy to see my regular client return. Today there was no need for me to change after my workout as today’s session was all about me in my gym wear….yes his fetish.
I met him a couple of years ago while I was living in Brighton. We had a few double Domme Sessions with my good friend Mistress Dometria, owner of The Brighton Dungeon.
I have seen him a few times in Sydney since my return from the UK and today he’s back and his bottom is already marked from a caning that he received 3 days ago (not from me), but first I had to pop over next door to search for a ginger root to use during our session. It took me awhile to decide which one to choose.
So peeling and carving away on the ginger root and here is the finished result. Not bad I have to say. 
Today it was all about the left side and no warm up just a nice hard cold caning. First I inserted a vibrating bullet followed by 12 strokes of my cane before inserting the nicely carved ginger root and of course followed by more strokes to even out the welts.
Slave’s bottom before I worked on him
Slaves bottom after I worked on him
The picture on your left is how he presented himself to me, as you can see his left side really needed some work done. So I left the right side alone and I worked my magic. I was happy with my finished result as I like to have nice even markings.


I am so happy to announce that I will be taking part in Mistress Dometria Exhibition which will be held in a private and discreet premises in Brighton. This amazing event will take place On Thursday 31st October (Yes Halloween) between 4.00 PM and 7.00 PM. Followed by the Play Party from 9pm to 2am. If you don’t already know, Mistress Dometria who runs the Brighton Dungeon is well known as the UK’s most HARDCORE DOMINATRIX with a worldwide reputation for her sessions and  BDSM movies. She has decided to open her gates  of  Hell for a special BDSM Exhibition.  

 A live show is always a special thrill, whether it’s the Olympics, the World Cup, the O2 Arena ….. or Mistress Dometria showing off the evil arts of female domination. Her movies bring you close to the action, but nothing can match the intensity of witnessing live flesh action at close quarters. You can’t get any closer to the pleasures and pains unless you put your own body on the line. Some of her most experienced players and masochists will be offering their bodies so that you can enjoy a ringside seat to enjoy and learn. Whipping, caning, ballbusting, strapon, torture……. You name it. The agony! The ecstasy! So close you can reach out and touch it ….

Following the 3-hour exhibition, you can join in the action yourselves at her wild Halloween Play Party! and yours truly will be there alongside Brighton Mistress Goddess Salvia as well as other local players who will be joining us to chill, celebrate and play into the early hours with loads of kit and endless possibilities to watch and learn, or to fulfil your devious desires in Britain’s hottest play-space. There is also an opportunity to play alongside your favourite Domme by personal arrangement on the night.

Both events will take place in spacious private premises. Privacy of guests will be strictly respected. The ‘stage show’ may be filmed, but otherwise the use of cameras is NOT allowed. DRESS CODE:  Come as you please for the Exhibition (bring a mask if you don’t want to be recognised by others).For the Party , use your imagination! (You can change on the premises). TICKETS: £150. Only 20 places, first come first served. (tickets give you admission to both Exhibition and Party).PARTY ONLY: (strictly by invitation) £10 entry plus bring a bottle.  So don’t delay or you’ll miss out on this amazing opportunity to see, meet and play with the top Professionals. I hope to see you there.

Double Femdom Sessions

Guest Mistress Double Femdom is for the pleasure of myself & a Guest Mistress where you will get the chance to be in the presence of  two beautiful Goddesses. Whether it’s Goddess worship during a session, taking us out  to dinner or a fetish event. This is your chance to serve, worship and obey.  It is recommended that you book well in advance to assure that we all come to some agreement in regards to booking fee, expenses, deposits, time, location and of course which other Mistress will be joining me.

You will be required to pay in advance a deposit.  Location may vary depending on the nature of your session and availability. All premises are fully equipped. If  you think you can handle two Dommes and would like to see a guest Mistress for a Double Domme session then this can be arranged.

When I’m in London I enjoyed sessions with Mistress Akella and Alice Malice. In Brighton I enjoy double Domme sessions with Mistress Dometria. If you are keen, genuine and open minded then now is your chance to be in the presence of beautiful, experienced and kinky Dommes. 

No amateurs  here. Just the real deal. 

So what are you waiting for? EMAIL ME NOW